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Customers that would like to be the first in the know for news, updates and special offers about reproduction furniture on the new site can also subscribe to their newsletter. The site also contains information on all the listed reproduction furniture ranging from the materials used to their size and a brief description of the furniture. English customers can now easily shop for original handmade Italian classic furniture and furnishing directly from Italy without being put off by the language barrier. Antiche Riproduzioni is a leading provider of handcrafted Italian reproduction furniture. The primary objective of the website is to help the classic furniture company gain ground and improve on their sales and reputation as the leading provider of top class and high quality hand crafted Italian classic furniture in English speaking countries most especially the United Kingdom. Antiche Riproduzioni also aims at providing a high level of service to their customers all over the world with the new website. Antiche Riproduzioni Lounge Sets Manufacturers is pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved English version of their website at in order to introduce a wide variety of their products to their English speaking customers in the United Kingdom. They will have access to a variety of reproduction furniture including; wardrobes, chests, tallboys, modulars, beside tables, console tables, cupboard, bookcases, TV tables and much more. All these features coupled with a secured online payment portal makes it easy for English speaking customers to purchase guaranteed top quality furniture at a very good value without the need for a middleman. They can also take advantage of the free shipping special offer for orders up to £199 and above. Their products are manufactured with special ageing techniques that lend the items a shape similar to the originals. The new website comes with a search feature making it easy for customers to browse through the site and find products they desire in no time.183.